GH Mist System

A mist system can provide short bursts of mist to both cool (up to 20 degrees) and humidify (50%-70% humidity is an ideal growing condition), and is a great supplement to ventilation, which, by itself, merely cools to the outside temperature. A mist kit can also be used for to automate the watering process, but requires larger mist nozzles

The GardenHouse Cooling Mist and Timer Package
The GH mist system is a pre-assembled 6 nozzle portable mist kit that provides 12 ft of misting area and installs in just a few minutes along the inside frame of a Sunshine GardenHouse. It includes

  • 6 rotatable fittings
  • 20 feet of flexible tubing
  • 6- brass mist nozzles
  • 6- clamps and 1- garden hose adapter

Although the GH mist system can be operated manually, we strongly recommend a cycle timer.

The battery operated Water Timer provides brief misting cycles for the duration and intervals you set, perfect for cooling and humidifying. Simply connects to your hose faucet.

Set Frequency (hours in‐between watering).

Set Run Time (length of watering in minutes).

Make program dial setting at the hour of the day (5am, 6am, 7am, etc.) you want watering to start. Watering will begin X hours later; where X is the Frequency hours.

GH Mist System $70.00