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GardenHouse Accessories

Anchor Kit

Sunshine GardenHouses are heavier than most greenhouses, but we still recommend an anchor system for use where a GardenHouse is exposed to winds or storm activity.

For installations on soil foundations, we offer the inexpensive, easy to install and very sturdy Sunshine Anchoring System. This system includes four 1/2 inch diameter x 16 inch rebar ribbed steel stakes and two cold galvanized anchor base plates—you just hammer the anchors into the soil. We suggest using one set (two anchors) for each side of your base for a 6 x 8 size GardenHouse.

Each kit contains two anchors

Vent Opener

Automatic Vents Simplify Climate Control

Automatic vent operators on the roof and base vents require no electricity or batteries. The vent operator contains a paraffin (wax) that expands when the temperature reaches about 65°F, pushing the vent open to its fully opened position at about 85°F. As it cools and the paraffin contracts, the operator’s springs draw each vent closed. It is adjustable within approximately 5°F and easily detachable for manual operation.

The vent opener cylinders can be replaced when they stop working.

Shade Cloth

  • Reduces the amount of summer sunlight, aiding plant growth
  • Prevents overheating and plant burn
  • Cools up to 15 degrees
  • Can be used as a windscreen or to reduce wind chill and wind flow in colder months

We recommend a multipurpose 60% light blocking knitted weave, which provides an excellent cooling and UV light transmission balance, is extremely lightweight, and will not unravel when cut or torn like traditional woven shade cloths. Our custom GardenHouse shade cloth kits come complete with attractive knitted green shade cloth fabric, nylon cord and six plastic Clip-its™, as well as detailed instructions on how to use and install. The cloth is UV treated and guaranteed for a minimum of 5 years. SSR12 fits all models up to Mt. Rainier 8′ x 12′ and is easily cut to size.

Milk House Heater

  • 1300W & 1500W heat settings
  • Temperature control thermostat
  • Triple safety system Tip over switch
  • Automatic reset type limit control
  • Thermal cut-off device

Please use the form below to inquire about pricing and shipping for these accessories. Include your street mailing address, no P.O. boxes. Thank you.

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Mt. Hood and Mt. Rainier models are available with a door at each end.  Some gardeners need access to both ends of the greenhouse. There is no difference in cost to add a door on the back wall.

Sunshine GardenHouse has all the accessories to compliment your greenhouse!